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Storage and Travel Vacuum Bags

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Tired of vacuum bags that leak, crack and seals that you have to struggle with? The NEW GENERATION of vacuum bags are here with patented Valve Technology & Static Seals.

  • Soft Anti Freeze Material
  • Anti Moisture, mould & bugs

The Revolutionary Static Seal System allows the bags to seal effortlessly. No more cumbersome zip locks. Two great combinations for you to choose from:

  • The Travel Set simply press or roll out the air to create 100% reliable vacuum seal.  Travel Bags (Set of 2) measure 40 x 55 & 30 x 25 x 55cm
  • The Home Storage Set with the patented self seal valve which guarantees to draw every last pocket of air out. Home Storage (Set of 2) measure 55 x 85 & 65 x 105cm

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