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Deluxe Foot Cradles

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Most foot pain comes from misalignment of the bones in your feet, a result of advancing age, lack of exercise or simply by spending long hours on your feet. Foot pain begins when your foot’s balance and natural elasticity is gone. Heel pain, corns, calluses, bunions, even hammertoes can develop, as well as toe cramps, fallen arches, burning skin, tender blisters, flaking and chafing. Ankle, leg, knee, hip, even lower back pain can result from improper foot alignment. And when your feet hurt, you hurt all over. So how do you correct foot pain?

The GOOD NEWS is you can now

  • SUPPORT the bones in your feet
  • REBALANCE your feet
  • RESTORE the natural elasticity of your feet
  • RELIEVE and even end the pain in your feet, hip, knees and other areas of your body all simply, naturally and affordably!

Deluxe Foot Cradle

The new Deluxe Foot Cradle has all the features of our original Foot Cradle with the added benefit of being full length. Providing soothing relief for the whole foot.

C1512 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 4
C1513 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 5
C1515 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 7
C1516 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 8
C1517 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 9
C1518 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 10
C1519 - Foot Cradle - Deluxe Size 11

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