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Star Cascade Lights

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Light up your home, your backyard, your front garden, any room in or out of the house in just seconds! This amazing cascade of laser colour is simply SPECTACULAR! Perfect to use instead of Christmas lights, no more untangling or hanging the lights saving you time,
power and money. Just plug it in, aim where you want it then thousands of colourful cascading star like lights appear everywhere.

Perfect For:

  • Birthday parties
  • Christmas Season
  • Wedding parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Or Any Festive Celebration!


  • Comes with an easy mount lawn stake
  • FREE flat base for hard flat surfaces
  • 2 colour combinations with 8 different modes
  • Auto sensor turns on at night/off at daylight
  • Adjustable laser projecting angle
  • Covers over 370sqm
  • Weather-resistant

Measures approx. W 19 x H 26.5H x D 12cm

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