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Chinese Bracelet & Necklace Set

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This unique bracelet and necklace has been said to change the lives and good fortunes of all who wear it. First created in the Sung Dynasty they were reported to have special qualities, such as bringing good luck and fortune to all who wear it. Whether you choose to believe this is your decision. What is beyond doubt is that they are a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Here in this exquisite, finely crafted bracelet and necklace are all 5 of the ancient Chinese sacred gemstones, with the corresponding 'good fortune' symbol next to each one.

Bracelet measures 19.5cm L. Necklace measures 39cm L. Comes with Bracelet and  Necklace.

Also available to purchase as individuals, click here for more details!

Items in Set

Chinese Magnetic Bracelet

Chinese Magnetic Bracelet

Chinese Magnetic Necklace

Chinese Magnetic Necklace

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