Gift Ideas For Mum!

Spoil Mum With These Great Products From Health Pride!

We all appreciate our mothers or mother figures in our life.

These gifts are a great idea when it comes to spoiling and showing your appreciation for mum!

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1001 Uses for Baking Soda & Vinegar E-Book

Everything you need from health and beauty remedy suggestions!

$ 15.95

SAVE $14.00

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3 Tier Stacking Planter

Allow you to grow multiple plants all in a contained area!

$ 29.90

SAVE $5.00

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All Purpose Walker Bag

Fits a walker or wheelchair to keep you organised on the go!

$ 22.90


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Animal Draft Stoppers

Adopt a cute animal draft stopper! In Cat and Dog Designs!

From $ 17.90

SAVE $17.00

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Anywhere Lamp

Simply touch to illuminate the Lamp and you have light!

$ 19.90


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Arch Pillow

Helps keep your neck, shoulders, jaw & head properly aligned!

$ 16.45

SAVE $16.45

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Bamboo Bed Tray

Ideal for serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, even tea!

$ 19.90

SAVE $20.00

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Daughter Throw

Nothing is more precious than a daughter!

$ 39.90


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Easy Read Tablet Pillow

View, read hands-free. Rotate for perfect viewing!

$ 24.90

SAVE $10.00

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EasyFlip 4G Mobile Phone

Perfect 4G phone that has been designed especially for seniors!

$ 219.00


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Elipto Maxx Pedal Excerciser

Place your feet on the pedals, turn it on, it starts to pedal.

$ 289.00


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Forever Roses

Will look as good as the day you bought them!

$ 14.00

SAVE $20.90

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Lip Tote and Clutch Bags

Lip Clutch & Tote bags add a sense of fun to the festive season!

From $ 10.00

SAVE $24.90

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Mini Tea Tong

Created specifically to remove your teabag!

$ 8.90


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Organic Cotton Apron and Tea Towel

With colourful eastern rosellas & magpie designs!

From $ 19.90

SAVE $10.00

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Solar Bee LED Lights

Busy Bee LED lights makes your garden come to life!

$ 27.90


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Super Kegel Exerciser

Super Kegel Exerciser helps treat weakened pelvic muscles!

$ 27.90


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Versatable Rolling Tray Table

Wherever you need a table for eating, reading, or doing daily tasks!

$ 149.90


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Knit Embroidered Nightgown

Soft and comfortable. With delicate embroidery!

From $ 59.90


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Blue and Peach Smocked Nightgowns

Comes as a convenient pack of 2! Cotton knit!

From $ 74.90


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