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Kitchen Cupboard Remedy Book

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Grandma's Kitchen Cupboard Cures Are Good For What?

The best thing about these amazing natural remedies is that they are simple, safe, effective and cheap – SAVING YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on your Pharmacy bills.

You'll discover hundreds of traditional home remedies handed down from one generation to the next. Time tested remedies for health, beauty, weight loss... and more!

Here are just a few of the natural remedies you'll discover:

  • Simply boil the leaves of this common vegetable, let cool, for soothing relief from sore and aching joints.
  • Breathing difficulties? This tasty fruit drink will help.
  • How to say goodbye to Bad Breath instantly.
  • Beat tiredness and banish apathy.
  • Plus many, many more!

Also find remedies for acne, aches and pains, age spots, antiseptics, toothache, anaemia, aphrodisiacs, bloating, boils, bruises, conjunctivitis, cuts and grazes, chapped hands, chilblains, cystitis, eye care, foot care, fever, flea control, gallstones, dandruff, gout, hair care, impotence, indigestion, morning sickness, migraines, teeth care, infections, sore throats, skin care, sprains, tired eyes, health tonics, sores, sleep, itching... and many more!

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